“Spontaneous Order” as Political Down Syndrome

As far as blocks to effective resistance to liberalism go, the issue of spontaneous order is the worst. All currently acceptable means of political discourse demand that we see political organisation in one light, and one light only, this being that movements and political action occur due to a collective organisation of individuals in line with right reason. It’s totally insane.

This means of perceiving the world is effectively modernity. We see it ethics with Kant’s Categorical Imperative, Smith’s economics and also his system of ethics, and we see it in philosophy from Descartes onward.

This entire system is intellectually indefensible, and the ultimate stand that advocates take, tends to center on a claim to inevitability/ success; “the most “modern” AKA the most individual and closely aligned to this system of thought are the most successful,” they say. That this is then not followed up with a demonstration of how these two aspects- the domination of these societies, and their philosophical premises- are connected. Many attempts have been made to provide a robust explanation, and they all fail miserably and end up offering up mysticism. Jouvenel provides an alternative explanation, this being that it has been the centralisation and integration of political space under the aegis of a centralising power that is the cause of the success. This has been conducted by wielding this nexus of individualising thought systems as a means to undermine power centers which were in the way. This process has then brought technological development and advancement in the wake of these “breaking” thought systems. Liberalism in effect becomes a disgusting acid applied to society as step one, to be followed by integrationalist processes (which are occluded) at step two. Consider which parts of society are subjected to primitivist equality/ liberty enforcement that precludes complex organisation, and which parts are excluded from individualist primitivism to see where the disintegrative/ integrative divide is.

A key component for creating this state of affairs is the recognised, and entirely fraudulent, state/ society split. The exceptional power value of maintaining this split can be seen in what has allowed to happen, and what it has suppressed. I would posit that a failure to fully master the intricacies of this state/society fraud adequately was the major defining difference between the USA and the USSR/Nazis “statists.”

A state/society split gives a licence to the governing elites to engage in the most appalling behaviour imaginable. The governmental/state part becomes a mere rubber stamp department where the eyes of the world concentrate. Its ends up a circus full of clowns. What the UK, and subsequently the US elites, managed to master was the process of maintaining extra-governmental centers of wealth and power which were in the “society” part of the split. We see this with pressure groups funded by wealthy patrons in the governing elite, and with subsequent foundations/NGOs which represent the perfection of “society” government mechanisms. All the other governments in the world maintaining this same form of governance, the state/society split liberal model, then leave their societies with open access to Anglo-American governance via NGOs and foundations. The anglo-elite understood this, as they removed direct colonial governance to be replaced by what Lional Curtis often referred to as ties of culture. This is a very vague way of saying that control can be maintained by mechanisms outside of formal governance. The ties of Walter Lippman to the Round Table, the Inquiry, and the CFR gives you an idea of how aware of this the architects of the modern system were.

The US and UK systems were built bit by bit, slowly. It achieved a level of sophistication ( or rather absurd complexity) which Russia and Germany upon adopting the system of liberal republican governance could not hope to achieve in one bound. There would have needed to have been a clear understanding of the need for extra governmental sources of control, but they didn’t have this. So where the US and UK elite were busy controlling media through foundations, the USSR and Germany were clumsily using governmental departments openly. Were the USSR and Germany elites were driving organisational policies through government agencies to change society, the US elites were centring this on foundations. The USSR in the Cold War then became tarred with statism very effectively, and was tarred with governmental oppression despite the US engaging in societal control and manipulation every bit as absurd, and by the end of the Cold War, even more absurd than the Soviets. One only has to consider that Soviet defectors and intellectuals engaged with the US had trouble making sense of Ford Foundation attempts to impose affirmative action for women on them. Yes, the Ford Foundation is a governance arm of the American elite. Yes, the Amercian elites are were more “communist” than the communists.

What is even worse about the Cold War is it provided extra training and space for development of the civil society governance process for the US elites. One has to be aware that often the Civil Rights era justifications are recorded as having an international relation edge. We see this in the Brown versus Board case shenanigans.

The implications from all of the above is that any school of thought attempting to develop a means to deal with the above has two broad options. One is to master this civil society governance process and maintain this superficial and facile state/ society split. This is a poisoned pill that has serious problems. The second is to simply discard this distinction and cut off all parts of your sovereign territory from US/ UK elite governance. You in effect declare independence from the international community. There is actually a third option, that is to be exceptionally thick and think the split is real and that it needs refreshing or doesn’t need dealing with by point 1 or 2. It is fairly obvious where almost all alternative political theories stand on this, and that is squarely in option three. That shows you how exceptionally effective liberalism is in destroying opposition before it even starts. Just ask Walter Lipman:

” It is no longer possible, for example, to believe in the original dogma of democracy; that the knowledge needed for the management of human affairs comes up spontaneously from the human heart. Where we act on that theory we expose ourselves to self-deception, and to forms of persuasion that we cannot verify. It has been demonstrated that we cannot rely upon intuition, conscience, or the accidents of casual opinion if we are to deal with the world beyond our reach.”.

— Walter Lippmann, Public Opinion, Chapter XV

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